Design Knowledge Management System

A practical Guide to Implement ISO 30401 KMS standard

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The book draws 20+ years of KM Experience from the author to provide easy steps to implement KM in whatever role you play in your organization. With the Pandemic, it has become critical for individuals, teams, and organizations to manage their knowledge in digital platforms more effectively; and establish knowledge sharing culture and ecosystem deliberately to provide inclusiveness while working from home.

At the same time, entrepreneurs, startups, small scale, medium scale industries, and large scale corporates should focus on empowering individual roles by developing knowledge infrastructure, such that any knowledge one needs, should be visible in the digital domain; any knowledge one needs should be shared by right person when asked, every organization should develop itself as a learning organization so that it can be resilient to market forces and reinvent itself in the face of toughest economical conditions.

Knowledge Management provides that path, to harness the power of intellectual capital within an organization, it provides a focused approach for leadership to understand and empower knowledge workers to develop and design their KM infrastructures, establish communities of practices, enriching experiential sharing conversations

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Reviews and Quotes

“We have dozens of books and bodies of knowledge on how to design knowledge management systems. This is the first to speak in the language of the KM ISO standard 30401, and therefore has two unique advantages:  both easing design of such systems for those who seek for ISO certification; and, serving as the north star to excellence in KM, for whoever wishes to rely on the global collaborative knowledge of a first class team of experts who designed the standard.”
Dr. Moria Levy,
ISO 30401 Project Leader
“Many organizations implement improvement initiatives through a set of projects that are not well connected and are in response to strategy. Shekar's insights highlight how to strategically connect improvement programs in a way that they inform strategy creation, using examples , practical templates and the ISO Knowledge Management Systems Standard as a guide. This is a powerful shift in mindset and an excellent place to for the KM novice to start, whether they intend to achieve certification, or just apply the KM principles to enhance performance."
Dr Arthur Shelley,
Founder, Intelligent Answers; Author, KNOWledge SUCCESSION
Unlike some Knowledge Management (KM) authors who focus on academic precision at the expense of clarity, Santhosh Shekar maintains a commendable focus on practical guidance and advice. Assembling a wealth of material from his decades of experience, Shekar provides extensive “how to” detail that should abundantly satisfy even the most meticulous KM practitioner. Numerous process guides, checklists, and a detailed case study are presented to the reader and neatly aligned to ISO 30401 requirements, resulting in a comprehensive implementation guide that never feels overbearing or unwieldy.
Stephen Bounds,
Founder, RealKM Magazine
“Santhosh brings a wholistic perspective to the field of Knowledge Management. He brings extensive life experience in addition to his KM and organizational experience. Lucky are those that get a chance to work though ISO 30401 certification with him.  “Collison Eng Corney’s book on ISO 30401 brought a lovely metaphorical way to embrace the KM standard. As a partnership across books, Shekar offers both a wholistic and detailed view of knowledge management. Readers may appreciate both the strategic and tactical approaches that are shared.”  “KM is difficult. It is a difficult field to understand, practice, design, implement, mature, sustain and evaluate. In this book, Shekar brings clarity and purpose to this challenging field by personally sharing his experiences and deepest insights. What a pleasure to read, learn and practice KM together.”  “This is a must read book for anyone looking to understand the field of Knowledge Management, and how to implement it with regard to ISO 30401. Shekar shares decades of KM experience through stories, strategic approaches and detailed implementation tactics. You’ll find models, and lists of questions, for immediate learning and application. Let’s keep the KM conversation and momentum going!”
John Hovell,
Managing Director & Co-Founder at STRATactical International LLC
“This book explores KM from the ground up – enabling beginners and practitioners to step through all the considerations of a Knowledge Management System, including building in and on the ISO standard. The guidance is a lot more than implementing and complying with the standard. Plenty of examples and checklists fill out example details to support the fundamentals of KM, KMS design and implementation in a variety of organizations.”
Ian Fry,
Chair Australian KM Standards, Director, KM Consultant Knoco- Australia, Fry Systems, owner

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