A practical Guide for Implementing Knowledge Management and ISO 30401 KMS standard

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"If Project Managers have PMBOK Guide, and engineers have standards institutes, now KM practitioners have Santhosh’ guide for implementing ISO 30401 KMS standard. Very well thought step-by-step process covering different organizational aspect of KM. Highly recommended for KM leaders who want to put in place a disciplined approach for knowledge management in their organizations."- rachadbn


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About The Book

This book answers all the questions about what is KM, what is not KM? How to start KM wherever you are? You can employ KM irrespective of the role you are playing and the company you might be working for. This book provides unique insights into invisible knowledge constraints which most of us have taken for granted and hence, we struggle every day in our work, personal life and other areas of life. The same applies to organizations, institutes, Government agencies and research/academia.

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What's Inside The Book

Table of Contents

Chapters Based Upon
Chapters 1, 2 and 3 Overall understanding of the complexity of human interaction,
knowledge constraints around oneself,
KM basics,
KM in other standard bodies,
Introduction to ISO 30401 KMS standard.
Chapters 4, 5, 6 and 7 Overview of how one can map the natural KM execution framework aligned to the ISO 30401 requirements.
These chapters also highlight how one can plan/develop the KM toolkit and methodology for one’s organization,
The practical case of marketing and sales as an example.
Chapters 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 The vastness and depth of KM lifecycle
Implementation in the organization.
Chapters 13 and 14 KPIs (Key Performance Indicators),
Continuous Improvement and
Audit Processes.

Topics Covered

Chapter 01 : Introduction to KM and the Standard

  • Introduction to KM and the Standard
  • Concept
  • Human, Civilization, Knowledge Field
  • The Standards
  • ISO 30401:2018 KMS

Chapter 02 : Universal Knowledge Management Challenges

  • Universal Knowledge Management Challenges
  • World of Knowledge Constraints

Chapter 03 : Advantages of Knowledge Management Systems

  • Advantages of Knowledge Management Systems
  • Organizational Learning
  • Knowledge Economy
  • Organization and Individual

Chapter 04 :
KMS Scope - Breadth and Width

  • KMS Scope - Breadth and Width
  • Mapping the Organizational Landscape

Chapter 05 :
Knowledge Management Systems

  • Knowledge Management Systems
  • KMS Lifecycle and Framework
  • Marketing and Sales Functional KM Design

Chapter 06 :

  • Leadership
  • Knowledge Management Policy
  • Roles, Responsibility and Authorities

Chapter 07 :

  • Planning

Chapter 08 :
Knowledge Development Process

  • Knowledge Development Process

Chapter 09 :
Knowledge Conveyance and Transformation

  • Knowledge Conveyance and Transformation

Chapter 10 : Knowledge Enablers

  • Knowledge Enablers
  • People
  • Process
  • Technology
  • Governance
  • KM Programs
  • KM Culture

Chapter 11 : Support

  • Support
  • Competencies
  • Group/Project/Individual Level KM
  • KMS Standalone
  • Enterprise KM
  • National KM

Chapter 12 :

  • Operations

Chapter 13 : Performance Evaluation

  • Performance Evaluation
  • Monitoring Measurement Analysis and Evaluation
  • KM Audits
  • External Audits

Chapter 14 :
Continuous Improvement

  • Continuous Improvement

What Will You Get From This Book ?

Most comprehensive Manual or guide for someone who wants to start KM formally or Standalone and also provides how individuals and organizations can fulfill the ISO 30401 KMS requirements

Enterprise Knowledge Management

Learn how to develop Holistic approach to develop Knowledge objectives and develop appropriate solutions for an organization.

Knowledge Management Function

Learn how to establish KM function, Competency and skills requirements, Organization Structures for an organization.

KM Toolkits

Illustration of Developing custom KM Framework, Processes, methods and approaches for an organization.

Collaboration/Change Management

Learn fundamental knowledge constraints or challenges in any organizations and its complexities.

ISO 30401 KMS

Provides with guidelines, checklists, how to prepare and do gap analysis for compliance and certification

How to - Case Study

Learn how to setup KM in marketing and Sales function step by step with illustration, and examples.

Who This Book Is For

List your target readers in this section and back up with reviews.


Supports Management in Developing effective KM Policy and Establishing Formal KM in organizations.

 Middle Management

Provides insigths as to how managers plays key and pivotal role in Knowledge exchange and management in large and medium scale enterprises.

 KM Novices

Students of IM, KM, CS, Etc.

 KM/IM Professionals

Provides step by step gap analysis to fulfill ISO 30401 KMS requirements.

 IT Professionals

Supports in developing stand alone KM systems.

 Domain Specialists

Supports in establishing Sharing culture across organization.

 Technology Specialists

Provides holistic view of Enterprise Knowledge management to develop effective KM IT System solutions.

Book Reviews

See what our readers are saying.

" This is the first book to speak in the language of the KM ISO standard 30401, and therefore has two unique advantages:  easing the design of such systems for those who seek for ISO certification; and, serving as the North Star to excellence in KM. "
Dr. Moria Levy
ISO 30401 Project Leader
" This is a powerful shift in mindset and an excellent place for the KM novice to start, whether they intend to achieve certification, or just apply the KM principles to enhance performance. "
Dr Arthur Shelley,
Founder, Intelligent Answers, Author, KNOWledge SUCCESSion
" Unlike some Knowledge Management (KM) authors who focus on academic precision at the expense of clarity, Santhosh Shekar maintains a commendable focus on practical guidance and advice. "
Stephen Bounds
Founder, RealKM Magazine
" Santhosh brings a holistic perspective to the field of Knowledge Management. He brings extensive life experience in addition to his KM and organizational experience. Lucky are those who get a chance to work through the ISO 30401 certification with him. "
John Hovell,
Managing Director & Co-Founder at STRATactical International LLC
" Plenty of examples and checklists fill out example details to support the fundamentals of KM, KMS design and implementation in a variety of organizations. "
Ian Fry
Chair Australian KM Standards, Director, KM Consultant Knoco - Australia, Fry Systems, Owner
" Mr.Shekar’s book helps the readers understand the holistic picture. Besides, this book proves handy even for the experienced KM experts to implement and maintain their KM systems. "
Zoltan Pasztory
KM Consultant - Pasztory Consulting e.U
" Santhosh has done an admirable job through this book in demystifying KM and providing a step-by-step approach to set up a fully effective KM program within the organization, which is also fully compliant with the ISO 30401 standards. "
Ved Prakash
CKO, Trianz
Know More About Author

Santhosh Shekar

Santhosh Shekar has been a Knowledge Management practitioner for over 20+ years. During this professional journey of more than two decades, he has worked in various industries like Information Technology, Business/Knowledge Process Outsource, Finance, Insurance, Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Government, Media, Oil and Gas, etc. At present, he works in oil and gas company, Oman as KM Architect and also advises individuals and organizations on ISO Knowledge management Standards.


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